The Septo Cemetery is a small yard haunt in North Hills, California, staged with love each October by Halloween expert and author Lisa Morton and Army of Darkness co-star Richard Grove.

Our emphasis is on things-that-go-bump-in-the-night style mood. Our gore is very light (“oh, what’s in that giant spider’s mouth?”) and even humorous. There are no monsters jumping out at you; there are, however, jack-o’-lanterns, because we love them (and grow our own pumpkins!). We are, in other words, family-friendly and encourage you to bring the little ones who like a gentle scare. We also love it when parents pose the kids for pictures in our graveyard!

You can enhance your visit by reading about the story behind the Septo Cemetery, but we still hope to entertain you even without that.

We’ll be open at the end of October. Check back then for directions and hours. In the meantime, enjoy our galleries.

It's 156 days until Halloween!